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What Two Things Do These Successful Internet Businesses Have In Common?

Are You Tired of Searching?

Tired of reading about affiliate marketing, eBay, and taking surveys as the secret to making a bunch of money online?  Then go get a fresh cup of coffee and read this great list of creative business start ups!

Successful internet businesses really do exist!  You can find even more inspiration here.

  1. hot sauce blog
  2. sell engagement rings after break ups
  3. link civilian employment agencies to the military
  4. purses for people with chronic neck and back pain
  5. goggles for dogs
  6. HIV dating site
  7. pay $10 for a letter from Santa
  8. crowd sourcing designers for small businesses
  9. upload music to other peoples devices
  10. deck of playing cards with exercise routines on them
  11. designer diaper bags
  12. risk free site that asks people to choose a domain name for you
  13. intranet for corporations
  14. sell used top-dollar seminar materials broken into lots
  15. antenna balls  (yeah, antenna balls)

Gotta Guess?

Well, I’m sure you have figured out that these low investment business ideas are all million dollar ideas by now.  Some sound pretty strange, or others might say downright stupid, but they all have 2 more things in common:

1.  These people tapped in to a real need!

Every back story for these ideas came from either a personal need or realizing there was a real problem or need that they could solve for others. (Don’t cha know there was a global hot sauce crisis out there and someone had to step up!)  These needs are not universal by any means, so you don’t have to think very big.  In fact, becoming the “go to” site for a very specific problem is ideal.

2.  They knew how to promote!

You can just imagine that the people who thought up these super profitable business ideas also had to have a super fun and unique point of view that grabbed attention.  OR, they were able to empathize in a more serious way with someone in pain, unemployed, lonely, or with a naked antenna…

You can keep searching for what others say will work, or you can look within for something genuine that many people will thank you for.  Make someone’s life better…one antenna at a time!

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