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Use Email Marketing to Take Online Business to the Next Level

One component of a business website most business owners miss is collecting the emails of their website visitors with an opt-in. It is often said the money is in the list and the opt-in collects the list.

Specifically, opt-ins are where a website visitor gives their email address and also other information to the website, so the site can contact them at a later time with an email.

Opt-ins are the polar opposite of spamming because spammers just email random people in the hopes that they will get some business. Spam is a pain and an annoyance. Whereas with opt-ins the website visitor allows the company to contact them so it could be thought of as a permission slip. The people who get the emails allow the businesses to contact them.

The business owner can use the opt-in list to keep in contact with their clientele. It is recommended that these emails should only be sent a couple times a month if the business has special or specific news about changes to the business. There are a lot of businesses who use their optin-ins to give their subscribers special discounts upon giving their email.

Tracking is a very important aspect of opt-in lists.

After sending the opt-in blast you can see who opened the email and who did not. Then you can resend a new email (with a slightly different subject line) to the people who failed to open it the first time. You can also see the success rate of how many people took advantage of your subscriber only special. There are many companies who will answer specific questions to their subscribers and share this with their list.

Opt-ins are much like an electronic equivalent to having shoppers who visit your store all the time and have a friendly, first name basis relationship where you often interact. This can be done similarly with the email list where you are more personable with these customers than you are with less frequent customers. Interacting closely with customers develops closeness so they are more apt to do business with you more frequently.

Opt-ins are extremely inexpensive as opposed to the alternative of direct mail. With direct mail you need to pay for paper, printing and postage. None of that is needed with opt-ins. Beyond being much cheaper, opt-ins are also much more efficient because it takes time to do a direct marketing campaign, whereas it only takes a few moments to send out an email blast. Depending on the email service used it can either be free or extremely low. Some services are free when you have a few hundred subscribers, and then when you get more subscribers to your list is just a few bucks a month. But even though you pay a little a month, opt-ins are an asset and not an expense for your business.

Get your notepad ready for all the valuable information in this video about why and how to market via email…

This is a quick tutorial offering tips about driving sales and getting the most out of email marketing.

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2 Responses to Use Email Marketing to Take Online Business to the Next Level

  1. efpierce August 1, 2013 at 2:23 am #

    I have still not mastered the art of email marketing. I think I need a crash course or something of that nature so I can just start all over and not make the mistakes that I do.

  2. Art August 7, 2013 at 5:40 pm #

    Email marketing is so important because it gives you a sustainable way to grow your income. Even if your blog loses popularity, you still have the emails of your readers to appeal too.

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