Designing A Website

The Design of the Website

If you’re just starting an online business, you’ll want to begin with this article.

There are many online startups that are so impatient to get off the ground as quickly as they possibly can to generate sales and revenue, that they overlook the overall design of their site.  This mistake is foolish and will end up wasting both additional time and money.

Business owners and entrepreneurs should not view their website more as a digital product, but rather a physical and tangible storefront.  When a new store opens up the owner must ensure that the business is finished, cleaned and organized to always keep the consumer in mind.  Most owners would never allow a business to open where half the work still not completed which will repel the end consumer.  If the work is half finished or not completely thought out the store will quickly get a bad reputation from prospective customers who will never enter inside again.

Web based stores with no physical store are the same exact thing.  A website must be friendly to customer so they can easily navigate through, be very clean and inviting while at the same time is attractive to the eye.  Busy graphics were the rage in 1997, but it surely isn’t today and will send customers running for the hills and seeking out competitors for their business.

The great thing about website development is the most attractive sites are often the simplest ones to create.

Fonts should be extremely easy to read, but please don’t use crazy colors.  Hyperlinks within the page should be obvious.  Just like designing a new home, there should be both easy on the eyes along with colors which grab attention.  Colors should invite all web visitors along with welcoming the target audience.    Using a paisley pink background with little green mutants mixed throughout the site just won’t cut it to help engage customers.

Another advantage in starting a website today is it doesn’t take rocket science build up a great looking site.  For those people who don’t, or can’t do it there are many experts who have built hundreds of sites who can easily create one for a small fee.  You definitely should not be embarrassed that you lack the technical knowledge to underline in html.  If design isn’t a strong suit then hiring an outsourcer for this job is the right approach.    Some web designers charge an arm and a leg for a custom website; however there are specific methods to mitigate the costs so they don’t run out of control.

Here is a very helpful description of the UPS principle for website design.  User. Purpose. Simplicity…

One option is to buy a template website and add a few custom graphics to the mix.

This way the template that 29 other businesses use in the United States will have structure but also look different.  The website doesn’t necessarily have to be made from the ground up.  Another idea is try to hire students who are taking web design classes.  Their prices will be much more reasonable than professionals, they get paid a little and also help build up their resume.

Also hiring a web designer to build a site is the cost of running business and therefore a tax write-off.  So the cost you are paying will be somewhat mitigated by this.  Don’t skimp on the design of the site because this is the storefront.  People do judge a book by its cover.


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  1. efpierce August 1, 2013 at 5:09 pm #

    The design and development of all of my sites were done by someone else. I think with them being my own, I would be swayed to do things that aren’t best for the website but are good ideas in my mind.

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