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Simple Ways to Pick the Perfect Niche

Finding the perfect niche requires much more than simply picking what you like.  To be successful, you must invest time into identifying extremely specific terms in order to focus on a specific market.  First of all we will show you the method to segmenting a niche with an extremely popular topic:  making money online from home.

This topic is way too broad as well as hard to get ranked because of the plethora of competition.  The trick to niche research is to do it in reverse.  What we will be doing is going from extremely broad to very specific.

General Niche Idea:  making money online from home

Specific niche ideas include:

  • work at home
  • work on the computer
  • make your own hours
  • work less hours
  • be your own boss
  • work with an education
  • work from anywhere in the world
  • spend more time with family
  • work at home mothers income
  • work in your dorm


After drilling down the specific niche into sub-niches you can see the reasons why people have the desire to make money with online marketing.  After you have brainstormed these ideas then you should drill it down to the best couple of topics which you have the most interest in.  When you use subjects that you enjoy or want to know more information about then you will enjoy working with the specific niche.

When you start working with a sub niche you should start to ask additional questions that others want to know more about.   If you are stuck then just put the term into Google and odds are you will get a lot of ideas at your fingertips. Other methods are to use Yahoo Answers or browse through online forums dedicated to the niche and determine what questions are being asked and how they are being answered.  You should create a new folder on your desktop and save a notepad to jot down notes and save specific websites which are interesting.

Here is a concrete example of how to have a very specific sub niche work for your general business plan rather than against it…

Another thing you can do is use affiliate sites dedicated to selling digital products such as Clickbank to help you come up with some great niche ideas.  If your plan is to write an ebook then you should start out by writing a Table of Contents which will work as your outline.  A trick is to use Amazon.com and look for books about your subject. Most of the time there is a “Look Inside” feature which will display a Table of Contents which you may use as a guide.  Keep in mind a book is much larger than an ebook so you do not need to use everything.    Rewrite the subject headings in your own words.

These methods will help you drill down ideas and help you attain expert status and dominate your niche in record time.

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4 Responses to Simple Ways to Pick the Perfect Niche

  1. efpierce August 1, 2013 at 5:11 pm #

    Sub niches are very important especially now as the industry becomes more and more saturated with niche marketers trying to eek out a living online.

  2. Yun August 7, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

    Subniches are important if you deal with large niches or niches with a single area that is extremely profitable and/or lacks competition. Anyways thanks for posting this great article.

  3. reidmusic September 6, 2013 at 11:47 pm #

    I would like to see an analysis of an actual sub-niche with an explanation of whether it would be possible to overtake a big player in the category. For example, I’m looking to do something in the musical gear area and have uncovered a good sub-niche with good traffic. According to Market Samurai the biggest competitors are places like Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend. Is it possible to outrank these giants by constantly publishing highly focused reviews and good content just on this category of gear? Or is it a battle that I can’t win?

    • David Webb September 12, 2013 at 10:47 pm #

      You’ve asked a great question and the answer is yes!

      Some questions for you:

      What can you offer that the big guys cannot? – Better reviews? Product demonstrations?

      Are you participating in communities where this sub-niche hangs out? (forums, social media) This is where you can stand out through personal interaction.

      A few tips:
      #1 Focus on adding value to those who are specifically interested in the sub-niche that you’ve uncovered. Find them on forums and social media – answer their questions and tell them about details they may not know, then send them to your site.
      #2 Use YouTube to your advantage – target low-medium competition keywords (here’s a keyword tool I can recommend – http://blog.desperatebuyersonly.com/keywordtool) and create informational or demonstration videos. Talk about the pros and cons of whatever it is you’re reviewing – never be 100% pro, always offer a con or two even if they’re unimportant cons.
      #3 With the keyword tool, find a few low cost keywords to try out a CPC campaign. Generally you can get a $100 credit from Adwords to get started.

      Good luck!

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