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Internet Marketing Packages – The Best Kept Secret To Making Money Online

You have probably tried multiple ways to make money online. If you are like most people starting out in the business, most internet marketing packages seem pretty easy on the surface, the problem is that implementing the marketing strategies are usually harder than it seemed at first.

Is there a real way to make money without a huge investment of your time and money?

In a nutshell, yes..and no.

I say yes because with the right product to the right market, making money is as easy as pushing a button. With the wrong product..well, you’ve already been there.

What is the secret to getting people to buy your product? Desperation, pain, avoidance, embarrassment and misery are the key concepts to make you money online. No, I don’t mean market those words, I mean who is desperate for help? So desperate, in fact, that they are willing to buy NOW?

When you can target that market, you will be making more money than you could possibly imagine.

What in the world am I talking about?

Let me give you a few examples. Can you imagine suffering from chronic hemorrhoid attacks? What about some other painful, yet embarrassing problem, like a strange skin rash in a weird place?

The more painful and embarrassing a problem is, the better a chance that you have of making a profit off of it! Now, on the surface I’m sure that sounds a little like exploitation. But, I’m not talking about scamming and ripping people off, I mean providing them with the solution that they desperately need.

This has been a common practice since business began. Think about it, if your pipes burst in the middle of the night, you can get instant help from a plumber…for a price.

This method of providing a product for a buyer that is desperately searching for it is just good business sense. What you are really doing here is taking care of an urgent need. You are respecting privacy and providing a service. After all, if you don’t, either no one will or some one else will.

So, now that I’ve explained the general idea, you need some help figuring out how to get going. You need to know how to pick a niche, then you need help learning how to create your product, how to set up your website so that you invest minimal effort for maximum returns, maybe just a little bit of help with graphics.

Here in this video are great points on how to pick a niche.

Picking a niche can be stressful so allow me to help you. When picking a niche, you have to remember asking these questions: -Does it solve a problem? -Is it…

But all of that technical stuff aside, niche marketing isn’t dead, if anything it’s more alive than ever before. Most niche marketing isn’t done with this method in mind. Most internet sales people pick their product based on what THEY would like to buy and what they think is a great product.

That is why so many marketers fail!

If you really want to beat the odds, do something different. Build a product and create on income based on desperation, not on what you wish you could buy. This sure fire method is as good as money in the bank!

Desperate Buyers Only

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  1. efpierce August 1, 2013 at 3:38 pm #

    That was a really helpful post, thanks. I find that leaving internet marketing up to the pros is always the best method. I tried it on my own for a while and really didn’t get anywhere with it. Since using a professional web marketer, I have seen an increase in traffic and sales.

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