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How to Find A Niche

Discovering A Niche

Learning how to find a  niche that is both narrow enough and profitable  may be the most important challenge for succeeding in this hard work called internet marketing.  It’s also quite a fun way to spend the day if you like puzzles and have a detective’s mentality.  Solid examples of 10 tried and true niches will define the concept and start you down the right path…

The Top 10 Niche Markets on the Net | Redhead Marketing Inc

You want a niche that will make you a profit. Finding a Finding your niche and sticking to it is the way to success on the net. But not just any Think eBay or Amazon or Ten Golden Rules or Linkshare – the list is endless.

Define your Target:

Before you begin selling anything, you need a target to aim for.  That target would be a very select and specific customer.  Much more specific than just “women” or “kids”.  It may be someone like you, but more often it’s not.

Who Is This Person?

Brainstorm about this individual.  Think of the demographics of this person:  the age group, the gender, the level of education, and their problem.  Are they experienced enough to need advanced solutions, or a beginner needing tips?  Where does this person live and vacation, what are their interests and habits?  What do they eat, drink and desire?  How do they prefer to get information?  What is their frame of mind?  Are they discouraged, worried, embarrassed, or desperate?

How Can You Help Them?

The better job you do making this target real–real enough that you can empathize and feel their pain, the better you can find them and sincerely connect with them to solve their toughest problems.  A niche with real value to others that provides accurate and honest information is a wonderful gift to give.

How Will Your Product Stand Above the Rest?

Exactly how will this product your business is going to offer stand out in an age of abundance?”  It’s nearly impossible to come by a truly original idea or product, and high tech is no longer enough.  As your daily Google searches prove, products and information are more plentiful and cheaper than ever before.  How do you compete with India and China who seem to have this information and manufacturing thing down?  When you are looking for the best products to sell online, remember to look beyond the product itself.  Think of the person’s life you are improving.

Interact first.  Sell Second.

 Seth Godin, founder of Squidoo

The momentum for the marketplace now and certainly for in the future is to provide humanity to your sale.  Emotion.  Artistry.  Subtlety.  Customization.  Humor.  Responsiveness, and certainly Authenticity.

Isn’t it a bit ironic that the more firmly we embrace our computer driven lives, the more human interactions we crave?  It may seem silly, but I know that I want to feel important to the companies I do business with.  Can you provide that feeling?  If you can, then your customers will find you, and best of all stay with you.

Desperate Buyers Only

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  1. Dan August 7, 2013 at 5:45 pm #

    Personally, when trying to find a niche you want to focus on two things, a large audience willing to spend money and little competition.

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