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Find and Target the Best Products To Sell Online

Does your jaw ever drop like mine does when you do a search for something kind of random or silly online and get over 1,000,000 search results?  I was trying to figure out if I needed anything for when I fly out of town for a week later in the month.  Yes, I have flip flops and loafers, but just wondered if there were any new or more practical ideas for “airport friendly shoes.”

Google only found “About 12,100,000 results in 0.24 seconds”.  I don’t have time for this, do you?

Clearly, our biggest problem as consumers is definitely not product scarcity!  Nor is it price or convenience.  In an age of over-abundance, who is the internet marketing genius that is going to figure out how to reach me?  Here I am, begging to be somebody’s niche (that’s with an N)!

Finding the best products to sell online is one thing, but figuring out how to be the “one-in-a-million” sites to appear on Google’s golden first page and how to find a niche is quite another.

Look At The Great And Powerful OZ—Oops, I Mean AMAZON

It’s easy to look at Amazon with both awe and envy.  It really is impressive how, such a monster can get it right almost every time.  Amazon has useful lessons for all of us, and even though they are all-powerful, they get so many details right that the “little guys” really should imitate many of their standard practices.  Luckily for us, they are so huge that they aren’t bothered when we land on them and take notes. Here’s how you find the 100 best sellers in any category (see video below the list for a live demo.)

  • You can go to Amazon and click “All” in the search bar, then select one of the departments or categories that drop down.
  • For this example, try “Home and Kitchen” then select “GO”
  • You will see smaller categories.  Select “Bedding and Bath”, then pick an even smaller category like
  • “Pillows” then down to “Bed Pillows”
  • Select an individual product and scroll all the way down to it’s “Product Details”.
  • If you select “Top 100 Best Sellers”  you will see exactly what is selling right now!
  • Not only that, you will see the number and quality of reviews, how long the products have been on the list, and if they are rising or falling.

Very interesting!  Thanks for that, Amazon.  I know I was surprised and more than a little excited to see how mundane and simple many of the Top Sellers actually were.  People need this stuff, and that’s what we are here for–to help others in need and to scavenge a few of Amazon’s crumbs.

Why Selecting a Niche + Customer Service = Sales

Here is an area that we just may be able to outdo Amazon:  Knowing our customers enough to really serve their niche.  I know that when Amazon sends me emails with their “hot deals just for me“, they rarely get a read, let alone a sale.  They don’t know me as well as they think.  With their staggering numbers of products and customers, no one is really surprised.

Personally, I like to spread my dollars around to smaller and more local businesses, when I can spare some time to shop around.  But every now and then Amazon just fulfills my every need, especially when I’m in a hurry:  selection galore, competitive prices, easy navigation, and free and fast shipping.   They make my experience easy, and in their own Amazonian way, give a form of personal service.  Of course, they have that sometimes annoying feature of knowing too much about me.  Sometimes I like it though, because it saves me time.  Hmm… there is a theme emerging here.

I think “saving time” is one of the universal pillars of that little detail called Customer Service.  What other pillars are out there?

Hear me out…Amazon has most of the main pillars covered, but not all.   How can we do a better job learning about our customers?  Sometimes it’s as easy as asking, “Tell us who you are and what you need?”  Create your own little unscientific focus group of neighbors, relatives or co-workers over coffee.  What are their likes and dislikes surrounding online shopping?  Ask for plenty of feedback and remember to listen to it.  Once you unearth that valuable information, you can make a much more targeted decision about the product you want to sell and how to promote it.   That, my friends leads us directly to finding your niche!





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  1. Jane August 7, 2013 at 5:54 pm #

    Whenever I try to look for products to sell online I mainly look at price, rating, and popularity. Higher price leads to higher commissions, higher ratings lead to more conversions, and higher popularity leads to more sales.

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