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Creative Work From Home Ideas With Unexpected Benefits!

Work from home ideas can be almost anything you can imagine.  What do you picture when you think of someone working from home?  A mom with a baby on her hip while talking to a client on the phone and making a sandwich for her toddler?  A guy boxing up orders to ship from a pile of inventory that he made in his basement?  Maybe a retired woman who is finally free to schedule her doctor appointments and see her friends for lunch on Tuesdays?  How about a college graduate who regularly puts in three very long days of designing for her employer so she can have four day weekends to travel?

There are as many visuals as there are people, and that’s kind of the point.  You can make it look how you want.  Finding the ideal balance of freedom and income has become a common quest for people of all ages, education levels, and skills. New parents will relate to this video:

Parody of Google’s 2010 Super Bowl Commercial called Parisian Love. A working parent looks for tips on parenting before deciding to find a WAH job and stay h…

Many work from home ideas start out as a way to find personal happiness.

 However, the best online business ideas often lead to an unexpected benefit as well:  a meaningful platform to reach and help other people.

Working from home has mushroomed in the last ten years according to the most recent U.S. Census Survey, and part of the appeal for many is making a difference for others.

Survey: Working from home skyrocketed over past decade – Inside NoVA

The advantages of working from home might be obvious, but the catch for most who decide to work from home for themselves is:

You’ve Got To Know Your Customer!

Many people begin by making a pretty big assumption when they try to launch their first successful internet businesses.  They think of their customers as people with some discretionary income and free time who shop for pleasure.   This is hopefully true for everyone much of the time, but it is equally true that sometimes everyone desperately needs something now.  Right now.

The desperate buyer is one who will buy quickly and will spend extra to solve their problem.  I am talking about when your car breaks down.  Your child has an earache at 3 a.m.  It’s Christmas Morning and you forgot to thaw the turkey.  Right?  Are you really going to drive an hour on Christmas Morning to your favorite store with the very best price and selection of organic turkeys?  No, because you are desperate…

Desperate customers are in need.  That is greatly different than the customer that merely wants something.  They can wait around for a sale.

There are also many people who rely on the internet to solve personal and medical problems.  Maybe they are embarrassed or have no medical insurance to pay for professional help.  Maybe the internet is the starting point for researching a problem, and if they can find a program or product online it is worth their money, because it solves their problem quickly and privately.  This narrowed focus for a target customer can be a very effective strategy for online work.

The following article helps explain niches and why they should be focused.  If you can find a niche you are passionate about, all the better:

Day 10 – Find a Niche (Narrow is Better) | The Thriving Creative

You want to find a narrow, small, well-defined niche who need what you have to offer – and serve them. Sample niches: TV Casting Directors, first-time moms in their 30’s, sports mad university students, qualifying lawyers, 

Then, How Do You Find Your Ideal Customer?

New businesses typically don’t have the resources for focus groups and demographics that major companies have.  They still need to conjure up a clear and specific image of the real person they need to influence.  Instincts and empathy come into play for all good business people, regardless of the size of the company.

Who is the customer?  Age, location, marital status, education, interests, income, and preferred mode of communication, are all important things to know. What does this customer need?  What kind of message will they welcome and respond to?  How can a business make customers love them, remain loyal, and spread the word?

Can I Really Make Enough Money?

You are going to find enough answers to that question to make your head spin.  There are secrets and tips galore to make you instantly wealthy.  Some are free, many are not.  There are inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who grew a huge business from a “simple idea and lots of hard work.”  There are also the nay-Sayers who warn of all of the false promises and scams online.

One thing is certain:  If you are smart and patient, you can definitely make money from your own home in a variety of ways.

Provide a Service

Just about anything that saves people a bit of time and offers a unique twist is a great idea.  You can have fun and make money at the same time by offering these low investment business ideas:

  • mobile pet grooming (and options for pet transportation to the vet and doggie daycare)
  • prepare healthy family school and work lunches for the week (and use earth friendly packaging )
  • clean and service the family cars (and do the recycling)
  • organize a room (and offer 6 week check ups )
  • plant a vegetable garden (and share customized recipes for the harvest)

Freelance Your Skills From Home

If you want to work exclusively from your computer, what do you have to offer others?

  • write the monthly newsletters for small businesses
  • tutor online
  • proofread and edit for students or small businesses
  • offer ideas or advice in your area of expertise
  • set up, design, or maintain websites
  • schedule, research, shop and mail packages for others
  • edit, rename and organize photos
  • design and make a product to sell
  • sell other peoples products for them

These are all ideas that can start slowly and grow, which is good.  If you get busy enough, you can get a partner or even a team to help.  There is a steep learning curve for all the skills necessary for making money online and organizing a business…

…but here’s another thing that’s absolutely certain: 

No one needs more irrelevant ads in their life. Customize your content to stand out in the noisy online marketplace!

Desperate Buyers Only

3 Responses to Creative Work From Home Ideas With Unexpected Benefits!

  1. efpierce August 1, 2013 at 2:17 am #

    Sometimes the money won’t come at first or, when it does, it isn’t much. Give it time and be patient and the money will come.

  2. Nate August 7, 2013 at 5:44 pm #

    Although it is usually harder to find an online job than a regular job, there are a ton of benefits that come from working at home. You have more time and spend less on transportation for example.

  3. James August 7, 2013 at 5:55 pm #

    Another great article from this blog. Sometimes you have to be creative, original, and inventive if you really want to start earning money.

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