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25 Business Ideas For Women

Are you ready ?

If you are excited about all the different ways that working from home can improve your life and are looking forward to the independence and flexibility that it offers, you’ve made a very important first step!  You already know that it will benefit your family with a balance of income and quality parenting time.

Now it’s time to break down some of the best business ideas for women into categories and see what fits you best.   In order to find your niche or specialty, think about what you love: children, working out, writing, shopping. We need to look at what other people need and are willing to pay for.  Take your pick of these general low investment business ideas and then break them down even further to make them your own!

Online Businesses

Making a  commitment to building a solid online business that you can customize and expand over time begins with some basic ideas.  The field is expanding so rapidly, and you can learn many if not all of the skills you need online, so find go ahead and find something interesting here:

  • Resume writing service – currently writers charge between $100 and $400 per document.
  • Virtual Assistant (VA) – this field is growing extremely fast.  Help keep others organized and efficient.
  • eBook Marketing – learn to promote other eBooks, then teach others how, or write your own.
  • Blogging about your interest or area of expertise is a great way to start.
  • Web Design – there is abundant opportunity for those with art and basic computer programming backgrounds.
  • eBay Trading Assistant – help clients research and buy on eBay.
  • Affiliate Marketing – all online businesses can benefit by placing affiliate ads on their sites, or you can specialize in affiliate sales full time.
  • Internet Marketing Services –  help internet businesses with SEO, driving traffic, blog marketing, Pay Per Click, and article marketing.

Save People Time

People who are over scheduled, are too busy and stressed to do everything well.  When people get desperate to solve their daily problems, they become great customers.  They would be more than happy to pay someone like you to regularly take care of something on their long “To Do” list, whether it is on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  You would be providing them a valuable service.

  • specialized cleaning: stoves, gutters, cars, pools, windows
  • research children’s after school activities, summer camps
  • pets:  groom, walk, sit
  • run errands:  grocery shop, pick up dry cleaning, library
  • make meals or lunches to freeze
  • help at Christmas time

Share Your Talent

What skills do you have that others would pay for?  You could teach others how or do it for them.

  • computers:  help create files, organize photos or recipes, get businesses started with social media
  • art:  photography, scrapbooking, paint children’s rooms
  • planning:  parties, weddings, trips
  • shopping:  comparison shop online, coupon, place orders or do shipping
  • growing things:  gardens, house plants
  • tutor children
  • mail order gift baskets
  • electronics
  • writing for money
  • fitness trainer
  • organize storage

Sell A Physical Product

Some of the most profitable internet business ideas are physical products.  The product does not need to be a unique invention.  It can be very ordinary and inexpensive.  The trick is to market it better that your competition!  Here is a short list of the top 5 selling Home and Garden products on Amazon right now.

  • blender bottles
  • spiral vegetable cutter
  • Ziploc bags
  • easy lunch boxes
  • dustbuster

How To Get Started

The next step is to decide how you can love what you do every day and help others while you do it.  Start gathering your credentials, testimonials, and think of a unique way to spin your business both on and offline.



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