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Best Online Business Ideas With Little Start Up Cost

Many people find online business attractive because there is very little overhead, products and services can be in front of customers quickly, and marketing can be done in cost-effective ways. Offering your services and products to the world has never been easier, and you are only limited by your imagination, dedication, and desire. Following are three of the best online business ideas for people who want to start building their business without spending a lot of money.

1. YouTube

About five years ago, YouTube was a fun place to make videos and be silly, but now it is considered a viable career path for any entrepreneur. In fact, thousands of people are making six-figure incomes simply by being a YouTube partner and making interesting videos.

This avenue would work best for someone who has a unique angle on a subject to share, or someone who has a unique character that audiences would enjoy watching. You have to stand out from the crowd, and your content has to be interesting, engaging, and benefit the viewer in some way. The benefits could include giving them knowledge (diet, exercise, pet care) or it could just be making their day a little brighter.

Shay from the ‘Shaytards’ is a great example of someone who has built an empire from YouTube simply by sharing his family life while making people laugh and feel good. He has openly stated that his family platform may not do well for everyone, but if you have a fun and engaging personality and family, this may be a good route for you too. Imagine being able to spend time with your family and earning a six-figure income while doing so.

2. Writing EBooks

Aspiring authors are not at the mercy of publishing companies anymore. Now, thanks to the increasing popularity in eBooks, you can easily write a book and make it into an eBook that can be up for sale within hours. And the potential for income is limitless. People like Amanda Hawking (fiction writer) and Michael Webb (non-fiction) have found an incredible amount of success through eBooks, and have created a path for other people to follow.

This avenue would work best for someone who has many ideas for book topics (whether fiction or non-fiction), and can create a long-term plan to make a viable business. One eBook may not earn you millions of dollars, but a fleet of eBooks that are marketed well could.

3. Build A Member’s Only Website

Many people are willing to pay monthly fees online to have access to information that they need. The start up cost includes the domain name and a membership friendly website; however, if you can bring in 100 members at only $20 a month, then you can easily make $2000 a month. The potential is only limited by the quality of information you have, and the way you present it.

This business would work well for someone who has information to share that is sought after, and has many ideas to add to the site to keep it fresh and valuable. If new information is not continuously added each month, then members have no reason to stay a member.

For instance, someone who has a lot of writing experience could start a membership site for writers who want to grow their business and build on their writing skills. The site could feature writing tips, expert interviews, and member-only access to writing opportunities.

On the other hand, a vegan who wants to help other people become healthier, can start a website that contains healthy vegan recipes, and continuously add to the collection through videos, articles, and free access to recipe eBooks. This type of site may attract a lot of health conscious people who want to be supplied with continuous ideas for meals.

The Best Online Business Ideas Are Not Effortless

Many people think they can start an online business with very little effort, and they quickly give up when they realize that results require work. A business, whether it is offline or online, requires dedication and work, and not many people will be successful online if they only dedicate an hour to their business every work day. While the start-up cost is not high, time and effort need to be put into marketing, building relationships, and creating content.

The good news is that if you are an entrepreneur ready to work, an online business has the potential to earn a huge income. In addition, once you build a business, and have systems in place to create less work for you while earning more income, you can branch out and start a new business idea. You are only limited by you desire and dedication.

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